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Drop Foundation

Unit 4, 39 Predefined, Redmond, WA-58052.

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Seattle United Player Making A Difference Off The Field.

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My Statement: Ever since I learned that safe drinking water is not available to all children, it has been a goal of mine to help. Goals: I hope to provide at least one well a year to the people of Uganda. Eventually, I would like to put a well in every village in Uganda. The Ugandan Government is helping me identify sites where it is possible for us to put a well and/or library. The library opened in our first well site (Kamira) is the first library housed in a primary school in all of Uganda. I would like to speak at schools other than my own to raise awareness for our cause, as well as educate Seattle of how they can help. Max an

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Drop Foundation


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Lumpewe School

Lumpewe Primary school is located in Lumpewe Village in Kikamulo subcounty, in Nakaseke county. There are 812 students with 472 girls and 339 boys. Currently the students bring water from a community

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